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Week 3 - Days 1-3-5 Pull Up Bar Day

Warm up
Shoulder shrugs x10 to finish warm up


Pull up - knees up - lower half way - pause - lower full way x1 (video demo will make exercise clear, to increase level pause for longer halfway down, to decrease jump or step to the top) 
Ball rocks x5 (like knees to chest but with a lean back to get hips up and back parallel to the floor, aiming to get higher each time)
Repeat pull up variation x1
Pike pull ups x5 (only do these if you feel your pull up bar is 100% secure and you are comfortable inverting, ideally having inverted before - if not, do our 5 second hold and 5s lower x5)


Rest 1-2min
Repeat x3



For days 3 and 5, option to increase to x2 pull up variation for both reps if possible (take it step by step, work to your best, not somebody else's).

It will be quite challenging but I know you can do it! Remember you can always contact me for progressions, regressions or modifications to work for you or a more in depth explanation of the exercise technique to ensure you are working safely. Good luck!

Week 3 - Days 2-4-6

Floor Exercises

Warm up

Plank roll to down dog 1 min

Plank, bend knees to child pose on toes, straighten to down dog, roll to plank
Press up hold at the bottom 1 min (hold at the bottom for as long as you feel you can, aiming for minimum of 3s, 3 options: full plank, knees down on push, knees down for all)
Shell legs 1 min each side
Repeat x3

Week 3 Combination 1 min



Good luck with this week! 

Make sure you don't forget to do it each and every day to get results!
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, would like any exercises explained in more detail or want modifications to suit you. Remember to always work safely and listen to your body.

Keep it up, you're doing great!

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