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Week 2 - Days 1-3-5 Pull Up Bar Day

Warm up

Shoulder shrugs x10

to finish warming up

Pull up and hold at top of pull up for 15s then slow lower (with assistance getting up if necessary, jump or step up)

Straight Leg Lifts x5

Slow lowers down x5 (3 second lowers) no hold just jump up, lower slow repeat


Rest 1-2min

Repeat +x3



It will be quite challenging but I know you can do it! Remember you can always contact me for progressions, regressions or modifications to work for you or a more in depth explanation of the exercise technique to ensure you are working safely. Good luck!

Week 2 - Days 2-4-6

Floor Exercises

Warm up

Plank Ab Slides - 30s
Two Step Press Ups- 30s (split second pause halfway down and up, think halfway-fullway-halfway-up)
Side Plank Hip Dips - 30s each side
Wall Sit - 1 minute (hand jive optional)


Repeat x3

At the end:
Week 2 Combination - 1 minute


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, would like any exercises explained in more detail or want modifications to suit you. Remember to always work safely and listen to your body.

Keep it up, you're doing great!

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