Welcome to Get Fit, Just Sit

Hello and welcome to "Get Fit, Just Sit".

A series of short 5 & 10 minute workouts to help you keep active whilst sitting down.

All the exercises are performed sitting on a chair (dinning room table chair, armchair, any chair that you are comfortable in).

The level of the exercises vary and it can be quite challenging, so don't worry if you find some of them difficult. Adapt the speed and size of movement to suit your level and ability.

Please be aware that you must consult your GP before taking part in any of these fitness videos to ensure it is safe for you to do so. Any change in your physical activity levels could affect your health and it is very important to ensure you are well and able to participate safely. You understand that in participating in an online class, you are doing so completely at your own risk.

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I am offering these classes FREE of charge, as I want to help out whenever and wherever I can in these strange times, especially to help promote better health.

However, if you would like to make a donation to help me get my Online Business "Nicola's Virtual Dance Studio" going (I am a professional dancer and there isn't very much work available for performers at the moment) I would be most grateful.